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It's NOT just for outdoor diehards. It's for YOU.
Because when you empower your life outdoors ... you empower your LIFE everywhere.
Most of us don't think we "need" outdoor skills. Except even weekend warriors or people who "aren't going that far or that long" ...
  • Get LOST ...
  • Sprain or break an ankle ...
  • ​Suffer heat exhaustion or hypothermia ...
  • ​Want to feel comfortable with the right gear and equipment in the outdoors ...
  • Want to stay safe ...
  • ​Want to stay in wilderness control ...
the hiking the ozarks outdoor education curriculum was designed to keep you safe, comfortable and performing at your best so you get the most out of your time outdoors ...
PHASE I SURVIVAL SKILLS (February 22, 9 - 4pm)

Life Point Church, Ozark MO for class portion with practicals at Busiek State Forest

An action-packed 8-hour day to learn survival skills basics like starting a fire, building shelter, emergency kits, feeding yourself in the woods, an overview of gear and equipment and MUCH more. Following your 3.5 hour classroom instruction, you'll head to Busiek State Park to put your classroom skills to work. 

Meet at the Walmart in Branson West, MO and travel approx 20 minutes to private land

Your skills aren't going to get better unless you practice them IN A REAL LIFE SCENARIO. Spend 24 - 36 hours outdoors to do just that. PHASE I SURVIVAL IS A PREREQUISITE FOR THIS CLASS. 
GEAR + EQUIPMENT (April 18, 9 - 4pm)

Life Point Church, Ozark MO

Do you really know gear? This is an 8-hour class that covers everything from boots to sleeping bags to tents to fabrics and everything in between so that you spend money wisely and, most importantly, have the right gear to keep you safe and performing at the top of your game. Class participants have been SHOCKED at how much they've saved themselves by investing the time and energy into this class. 
LAND NAVIGATION (May 16, 9 - 4pm)

Life Point Church, Ozark MO for class portion with practicals at Busiek State Forest

You could rely on your GPS device - except that when you get lost you don't always have any reception. So you're screwed. Besides, do you really want to have to rely on a device that can break? Join in for a two-part day, the first in the classroom learning the land navigation skills you've always wanted, and the second half of the day at Busiek to put those skills into practice. Fun, challenging and engaging. 
WILDERNESS FIRST AID (June 13, 9 - 4pm)

Life Point Church, Ozark MO for class portion and practicals

When seconds count, it's important that you know EXACTLY what to do in an emergency. Unlike other wilderness first aid classes, this class provides you with practical exercises to mimic real world emergencies to test your skills - so if and when the time comes, you're actually prepared. 
no refunds or exchanges, other than as specified.
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all classes led by dan nash, founder & president of hiking the ozarks and satori expeditions
Dan Nash founded Hiking the Ozarks in 2007 and grew up exploring the Ozark Mountains; its thousands of miles of beautiful and rugged terrain was the playground his father introduced to him and his brothers. He has led expeditions, backpacked, hiked and rock climbed in 14 countries. 

As President of Hiking the Ozarks, Dan coordinates and leads the company's various education and guiding programs. He has tested and reviewed gear for dozens of companies and provided hundreds of written and video gear reviews including for the Gear Institute, Backpacker's Review and Backpacker Magazine.

Dan is also the Founder & President of Satori Adventures & Expeditions, an international guiding and mountaineering company with affiliates in Nepal and South America, and provides dozens of hiking, backpacking and mountaineering expeditions in over 20 countries. 
It's a great feeling when you can rely on your own skills to help yourself and help others. We aim to give you that knowledge so that you can take your outdoor experiences and use them in the biggest and best way possible in your life. 
rely on your own skills to create more
meaningful and powerful outdoor experiences.
Tickets are also on sale for the annual OUTDOOR RENDEZVOUS, a one of a kind event right here in the Ozarks. After a spectacular 10th year anniversary in 2019, we are looking forward to keeping this tradition going. 

It keeps getting better and better. Tickets on sale here. (Outdoor Rendezvous not included in the All Access Pass)
tickets for classes may be purchased individually or you can take advantage of the specially priced all access pass
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* Mountaineering School NOT included in All Access Pass

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