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if your hiking buddy twisted an ankle and couldn't walk ... would you know what to do?
Join Hiking the Ozarks Founder, Dan Nash, to learn essential wilderness first aid skills, suitable for anyone who spends time in the outdoors. This is an intensive and unique one-day wilderness first aid class to learn how to deal with the most common injuries and medical issues that may arise in the wilderness. Unlike most other wilderness first aid classes, we will lead you through eight different scenarios in order to put your newly-learned skills into practice, including how to recognize symptoms, diagnose and treat illness or injury, and evacuation protocols.   
You could rely on your gps ... but what if it breaks?
Emergencies happen to everyone.
It's so easy to think, "It's not going to happen." Until it does. Would you really know what to do if you or someone you're hiking with breaks a bone, suffers an allergic reaction, or shows signs of hypothermia? Do you know the signs of heat exhaustion or hypothermia? 

Too many of us think we know what to do in an emergency. But do we? When seconds count, it's more important that you know EXACTLY how to proceed in an emergency. 

Unlike other wilderness first aid classes, this class provides you with practical exercises to mimic real world emergencies to test your skills including evacuation and extraction protocols (which too many courses conveniently exclude). That means if and when the time comes ... you're actually prepared. 

Join in for a two-part day, the first in the classroom learning the first aid skills you need, and the second half of the day outside the classroom facility to put those skills into practice. 

This is a ONE OF A KIND class in the Ozarks taught by Dan Nash, one of the best instructors in the Midwest ... if not the country!

Manage yourself in the outdoors ...
Join Dan Nash, Hiking the Ozarks Founder
Dan Nash founded Hiking the Ozarks in 2007 and grew up exploring the Ozark Mountains; its thousands of miles of beautiful and rugged terrain was the playground his father introduced to him and his brothers. He has led expeditions, backpacked, hiked and rock climbed in 14 countries. 

As President of Hiking the Ozarks, Dan coordinates and leads the company's various education and guiding programs. He has tested and reviewed gear for dozens of companies and provided hundreds of written and video gear reviews for major publications.

Dan is also the Founder & President of Satori Adventures & Expeditions, an international guiding and mountaineering company with affiliates in Nepal and South America, which provides dozens of hiking, backpacking and mountaineering expeditions in over 20 countries.  Satori, based right here in Southwest Missouri, is the only company that operates on all 8,000 meter peak mountains around the world
why do it?
If you spend any amount of time in the outdoors, emergencies can and do happen ... even if you're a weekend warrior or only get out for an occasional hike!
Part of why we go into nature is to escape from "the rest of the world."
Help is often too far away.  
In the wilderness, expert help from first responders is usually NOT a phone call away. Which means you'll need to quickly respond to emergencies using your own abilities. 

Having an "idea" of what you might do isn't likely to cut it when seconds count and when you actually find yourself in a difficult circumstance. 

It's why this Wilderness First Aid class will have you PRACTICING your skills so you can respond intelligently when you need to.
take control
Find empowerment by improving your wilderness first aid skills and take your outdoor skills to the next level.
First aid is more than just pulling out a first aid kit ...
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Advanced registration is strongly recommended. Door registration is not guaranteed, other than for All Access Pass holders. If spots are available you may register the day of the event but you will not be eligible for the early bird price (same day registration is $70, if spots are available).  We will update via social media the status of class registration for your planning purposes. 
each student should bring
* ​​Water, lunch and snacks (although we will break for lunch if you'd like to run out and get a quick lunch nearby)
​Materials for taking notes
​* Items you would normally take on a day hike, including your first aid and survival kits, rain gear or extra clothing and/or trekking poles
→ class location
Life Point Church, Ozark, MO
June 13, 2020 @ 9 am Central
Join us at the beautiful lecture space of Life Point Church in Ozark. Following the lunch break, we'll head outdoors to work on our fun and challenging practice emergency scenarios to solidify your learning from the morning session. Unlike most other wilderness first aid classes, you'll learn about extraction - which is a critical part of wilderness first aid ... even if we're one of the few that will teach it to you!
catapult your skills to a new level
Take advantage of this very popular class to learn proper responses to common emergency scenarios.
you asked
We answered ...
Are there any refunds, or can I pay for a portion of the class?
There are no refunds and, while you can choose to attend all or a portion of the class, the fee is a one-time flat fee. If you register and cannot attend class for any reason, YOU WILL NOT BE GRANTED A REFUND. But we will miss you. You can register at the event if there is space, but the fee will be $70 per person.
Is there a discount for families or children?
No. We feel the value of these potentially life-saving skills delivered in this all-day class is well worth the relatively low cost. Children of many ages have attended this event and had a great time, although you are the best judge of your child's capacity for this material. The afternoon practice scenarios will be particularly fun and challenging for kids. 
can i send my child under 17?
ALL CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 17 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN FOR THE FULL COURSE OF THE CLASS. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. But otherwise children are most welcome assuming you judge the experience suitable to them. 
What do I need to bring?
Bring along water and food to keep you happy during the day (although you may choose to run out for a quick lunch during the lunch break), writing materials for note taking, and ​items you would normally take on a day hike, including your first aid and survival kit, rain gear or extra clothing and/or trekking poles. Be sure to have appropriate clothing for the afternoon session outdoors (rain gear, hat and sunscreen, etc.).
will the class be held if the weather is cold or rainy?
We do not cancel the event for weather conditions, OTHER THAN if we, in our sole discretion, deem it unsafe for people to attend the class in extreme weather. In that event, all registered students will receive a full and prompt refund. 
i can't make it on June 13. Will the class be held again?
Wilderness First Aid is offered only ONCE PER YEAR. We hope you can take advantage of this exceptionally unique opportunity to learn skills most people will never get.  
bring your skills to life
Wilderness First Aid will not only empower you to better manage emergencies in the wilderness ... but will help you manage emergencies in your life.
wilderness first aid is a one of kind class in the midwest
Advance registration will guarantee your spot and save you money.
Outdoor education is not just for the most serious backpackers who spend weeks out in the woods. It's for everyone. Besides, the skills you learn in your outdoor education will give you far more than you bargained for. 

Take advantage of learning from one of the best outdoor education instructors in the Midwest (probably the world) and reserve your spot now.
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