become your own gear expert ...
the easiest way to make your outdoor performance better and safer ...
while saving you tons of money!
Join Hiking the Ozarks Founder, Dan Nash, for the premier gear and equipment class for any hiker, backpacker or outdoor enthusiast. Learn how to stay warm and dry, save yourself time and money and become your own expert on outdoor gear ... instead of relying on a salesperson in an outdoor store or some unknown person on line. 
become your own gear expert
Your gear is your FIRST line of defense ...
Most people head into the outdoors without any understanding of why their gear is CRITICAL to their safety and their performance. Proper gear will also make you more comfortable when the going gets tough in harsh weather, and help you get the most out of your outdoor experiences. 

We will go into detail on boots, socks, base layers, soft shells, hard shells, tents, water filters, stoves and other gear and equipment, and have plenty of examples so you learn how to save yourself a ton of money and wasted time with crappy gear. 
This is not your typical 1-hour gear class taught at most outdoor stores ...
Join Dan Nash, Hiking the Ozarks Founder
Dan Nash founded Hiking the Ozarks in 2007 and grew up exploring the Ozark Mountains; its thousands of miles of beautiful and rugged terrain was the playground his father introduced to him and his brothers. He has led expeditions, backpacked, hiked and rock climbed in 14 countries. 

As President of Hiking the Ozarks, Dan coordinates and leads the company's various education and guiding programs. He has tested and reviewed gear for dozens of companies and provided hundreds of written and video gear reviews for major publications. Unlike too many other gear testers, Dan tests gear out in the field ... during backpacking trips and / or on mountains around the world. 

Dan is also the Founder & President of Satori Adventures & Expeditions, an international guiding and mountaineering company with affiliates in Nepal and South America, which provides dozens of hiking, backpacking and mountaineering expeditions in over 20 countries.  Satori, based right here in Southwest Missouri, is the only company that operates on all 8,000 meter peak mountains around the world
reserve your seat
Bring whatever gear you'd like evaluated ...
Dan will have a variety of gear and clothing at the class to help you learn about different fabrics and fill materials, as well as the best layering methods. You may also bring your own gear if you'd like him to evaluate it or have specific questions about it. This will make your purchasing decisions a million times better saving you a ton of money. 

Advanced registration is strongly recommended. Door registration is not guaranteed, other than for All Access Pass holders. If spots are available you may register the day of the event but you will not be eligible for the early bird price (same day registration is $60, if spots are available).  We will update via social media the status of class registration for your planning purposes. 
why do it?
Unfortunately, too many gear reviews are conducted by people who don't actually test gear in the outdoors ... or at all. Advertising dollars dictate ratings ...
... and there's a lot of bad information out there. 
Which ends up keeping you from getting the best gear at the best price. 
While there is some gear you really shouldn't skimp on, there are plenty of areas where the most expensive is not necessarily the best. Learn what is best for your specific requirements, fitness needs and budget. 
you'll be shocked!
Students walk out of the Gear + Equipment class amazed at how much a one-day class can save them ...
Be a smart gear snob ... (it's a good thing to be!)
having the right stuff for your activities and circumstances is powerful
Outdoor gear is fun. Besides all the important reasons you need to know gear ... you'll look like you know what you're doing, too!
Talking gear and seeing what's out there will never tire you. And in no time, you'll end up being a "gear snob" ... and that's not a bad thing :)
→ class location
Life Point Church, Ozark, MO
April 18, 2020 @ 9 am Central
Spend the day in the beautiful lecture space of Life Point Church in Ozark.
gear is your first line of defense
Take the opportunity to learn gear so you stay safe out there, perform to your maximum ability, save money ...
and look like a pro with the right gear.
each student should bring
* ​​Water, lunch and snacks (although we will break for lunch if you'd like to run out and get a quick lunch nearby)
​Materials for taking notes
​* Any of your gear that you'd like evaluated
you asked
We answered ...
Are there any refunds, or can I pay for a portion of the class?
There are no refunds and, while you can choose to attend all or a portion of the class, the fee is a one-time flat fee. If you register and cannot attend class for any reason, YOU WILL NOT BE GRANTED A REFUND. But we will miss you. You can register at the event if there is space, but the fee will be $60 per person.
Is there a discount for families or children?
No. We feel the value of these potentially life-saving skills delivered in this all-day class is well worth the relatively low cost. Although children of all ages are welcome, this class is more suitable for youth able to sit through a day in the classroom. 
can i send my child under 17?
ALL CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 17 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN FOR THE FULL COURSE OF THE CLASS. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. But otherwise children are most welcome assuming you judge the experience suitable to them. 
What do I need to bring?
Bring along water and food to keep you happy during the day (although you may choose to run out for a quick lunch during the lunch break), a notebook and writing utensil as well as whatever gear you'd like to bring along in the event you have questions about it or would like Dan to take a look at it for evaluation purposes. 
what is different about this class compared to other outdoor gear classes?
Some outdoor shops will offer in-store demonstrations and instruction that feature the gear they sell. Those instructions are generally limited in scope, and you cannot be certain that the instructors are those who have actually used the gear they are teaching you about! Remember, they are selling you products. We, instead wish to educate you so that you can determine what is best for you and at a minimum know the right questions to ask to make smart buying choices that will keep you safe and comfortable in the outdoors.
i can't make it on April 18. Will the class be held again?
The Gear + Equipment class happens only ONCE PER YEAR! We hope you can make it :)
bring your skills to life
Be the master in the outdoors you've imagined yourself being.
Gear and equipment is the often overlooked first line of defense ...
Advance registration will save you money.
Outdoor education is not just for the most serious backpackers who spend weeks out in the woods. It's for everyone. Besides, the skills you learn in your outdoor education will give you far more than you bargained for. 

Take advantage of learning from one of the best outdoor education instructors in the Midwest (probably the world) and reserve your spot now.
Register in advance of class to save money. This class does not normally sell out, although you can pay $40 in advance rather than $60 at the door.
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