only 100 spots available - this class has SOLD out the last 3 years!!


If you would like to attend this class, we have a few spots open at the door registration price of $60 per person (adults or children). Admittance is not guaranteed and is space permitting. (YES! You may still purchase the
All Access Pass at $157 which entitles you to all five classes and guaranteed admittance.)

do you know how it feels to start a fire
without a match? you should ...
Join Hiking the Ozarks Founder, Dan Nash, to learn essential survival skills suitable for anyone who spends time in the outdoors and whether you are coming for the first time or simply want to refresh your skills. Learn the psychology of survival, managing harsh weather, preparing a survival kit, rescue preparation, starting a fire, water filtration, shelter construction, collecting wild edibles, several trapping techniques and more! Then PRACTICE fire starting, constructing a water filter, making a fish trap and building a Paiute deadfall during the afternoon's field exercises when Dan and guides will help you implement your new expertise.
even in a life or death situation, you're unlikely to "figure it out"
Phase I Survival Skills, February 22, 2020
No, hiking isn't "just walking" and too many of us think "we'll figure it out if we have to." 

We wish life worked that way, too :)

The truth is outdoor education skills are skills just like any others - like learning to rock climb or how to cook. They take practice and persistence and some gumption ... which we know you have because you're an outdoor lover. 

Come spend the day with us to learn potentially life saving skills and start yourself on a path to real empowerment, not only in the outdoors but in your life. 

Because that feeling you get when you start a fire with a fire starter and some kindle is pretty amazing - and it won't ever leave you.
Advance registration is now closed. Ticket at door, if space permits, is $60 / person.
now's the time
Too many tragedies happen in the Ozarks. Even day hikers get lost, caught up in quickly changing weather and difficult terrain. Prepare yourself - and empower yourself at the same time. 
Join Dan Nash, Hiking the Ozarks Founder
Dan Nash founded Hiking the Ozarks in 2007 and grew up exploring the Ozark Mountains; its thousands of miles of beautiful and rugged terrain was the playground his father introduced to him and his brothers. He has led expeditions, backpacked, hiked and rock climbed in 14 countries. 

As President of Hiking the Ozarks, Dan coordinates and leads the company's various education and guiding programs. He has tested and reviewed gear for dozens of companies and provided hundreds of written and video gear reviews for major publications. 

Dan is also the Founder & President of Satori Adventures & Expeditions, an international guiding and mountaineering company with affiliates in Nepal and South America, which provides dozens of hiking, backpacking and mountaineering expeditions in over 20 countries.  Satori, based right here in Southwest Missouri, is the only company that operates on all 8,000 meter peak mountains around the world
reserve your seat
Advanced registration is strongly recommended. Door registration is not guaranteed, other than for All Access Pass holders. If spots are available you may register the day of the event but you will not be eligible for the early bird price (same day registration is $60, if spots are available).  We will update via social media the status of class registration for your planning purposes. 
why do it?
Every year, there's a new tragic story where something goes terribly wrong in the outdoors. Someone gets lost. The weather changes drastically. Someone gets sick or takes a fall.
And someone dies
It's particularly unfortunate when bad things are preventable. 
At Hiking the Ozarks, we aim to ensure preventable things don't happen. We want you to be your own master of the outdoors so you know what to do when things outside your control take over. 
take control
But ensuring preventable things don't happen takes skill. And you need to practice those skills ...
Know How to Master The Outdoors Better Than You Thought Possible.
and discover what else outdoor empowerment will add to your life.
Empowering your outdoor experiences means you'll know how to manage yourself better in difficult outdoor circumstances. 
And managing yourself better in the outdoors typically results in managing difficult circumstances in your life better, too. 

You're not just learning how to start a fire ... you're learning how to deal with fires in your life. 
→ class location
Life Point Church, Ozark, MO
February 22, 2020 @ 9 am Central
The morning session will take place in the beautiful lecture space of Life Point Church. Following a lunch break, students will meet at Busiek State Forest to practice the skills they learned in the morning session. 
learn how to manage yourself in the outdoors
You CAN learn the skills that will make you feel in control and confident in the outdoors ... and everywhere else in your life. 
each student should bring
* ​​Steel striker or magnesium fire striker
​2 bandanas 
​Water bottle or cup
​* Pocket knife
Approximately 3 feet of string
but you will need to hurry
Completion of Phase I is required to attend the Phase II (Advanced) Class on March 21 - 22.
You must complete this class in order to attend the Phase II Survival Weekend March 21 - 22. In addition, the Phase I Survival Skills class is required (along with the other Hiking the Ozarks regularly scheduled classes) in order to take the Hiking Guides Certification program. If you have questions about this program, please feel free to call Dan at 417 844 5834. 
you asked
We answered ...
Are there any refunds, or can I pay for a portion of the class?
There are no refunds and, while you can choose to attend all or a portion of the class, the fee is a one-time flat fee. If you register and cannot attend class for any reason, YOU WILL NOT BE GRANTED A REFUND. But we will miss you. You can register at the event if there is space, but the fee will be $60 per adult.
Is there a discount for families or children?
No. We feel the value of these potentially life-saving skills delivered in this all-day class is well worth the relatively low cost. Children and youth of many ages have attended the class over the last 10 years and have had a wonderful time. We suggest, however, that you are the best judge of whether your child will find the classroom and practical instructions useful.
can i send my child under 17?
ALL CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 17 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN FOR THE FULL COURSE OF THE CLASS. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. But otherwise children are most welcome assuming you judge the experience suitable to them. 
What do I need to bring?
Please bring a steel striker or magnesium fire starter, 2 bandanas, a water bottle or cup, a pocket knife and approximately 3 feet of string. When you purchase your ticket in advance, you'll also be given the option to purchase a kit containing a steel striker, 2 bandanas, a Satori water bottle and the string. You may choose to bring work gloves as well but they are not necessary. 
No. You will have time to pick up a fast lunch in between the morning class at Life Point Church and the afternoon skills session at Busiek. Alternatively, you may choose to keep things even simpler and bring along water, snacks and lunch. 
DO YOU PROVIDE transportation from life point church to busiek?
No. At the conclusion of the morning in-class session, we will break for lunch and time for you to drive from Life Point Church to Busiek (which is an approximately 15 minute drive). Dan will provide instructions on where to meet at Busiek. 
We do not cancel the event for weather conditions, OTHER THAN if we, in our sole discretion, deem it unsafe for people to attend the class in extreme weather. In that event, all registered students will receive a full and prompt refund. Please note that cold or rainy weather is in fact an excellent circumstance in which to practice the skills you will be learning. We believe in you!
i can't make it on february 22. Will this class be held at another time?
Unfortunately, we have no plans to hold another Phase I Survival Class this year. We will do our best to add an overflow class in the Fall (as we did in 2019) but we're unlikely to be able to schedule that this year. We're working on some other projects that will likely satisfy you if you absolutely cannot make the class on February 22. Otherwise, you should definitely take advantage of having one of the best outdoorsman in the Midwest teach you in this very intimate setting. 
bring your skills to life
Be the master in the outdoors you've imagined yourself being.
A must class for anyone who spends time in the outdoors. 
reserve your seat now
Registration is limited to 100 students.
Outdoor education is not just for the most serious backpackers who spend weeks out in the woods. It's for everyone. Besides, the skills you learn in your outdoor education will give you far more than you bargained for. 

Take advantage of learning from one of the best outdoor education instructors in the Midwest (probably the world) and reserve your spot now.
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